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CIAM Business Consulting

CIAM Business Consulting is a unique part of our MBA Program. Students work in a small team to complete a pro bono consulting project for a real local business. Each course has one consulting project, which means that students end our MBA Program with 12 real projects to put in their portfolio. A doctorate-qualified professor supervises and advises each consulting team.

CIAM pro bono consulting is offered as a part of its MBA program in which students, working in small teams, complete a consulting engagement for a specific task based on principles developed by Peter F. Drucker, “The Father of Modern Management.” A doctorate-qualified professor supervises the consulting team.


Our classes integrate the best aspects of classroom and online instruction, but at the center of each class is real world experience through consulting.


Past clients have sought - and received customized pro-bono consulting reports and presentations - on issues ranging from:


Sales: Increasing sales and customer service performance, entering foreign markets, creating a marketing plan, using social media.


Management: Recruiting personnel for growth, automating and digitizing operations, creating an employee communication plan.


Finance: Developing a financial model for growth, custom financial analyses.


Sustainability: Custom CSR model development.

...and more!

Pro Bono Consulting

The term of engagement

is seven weeks.


The final presentation typically lasts about an hour.


Clients receive a complete consulting report documenting the work done and the team’s conclusions and recommendations.


The consulting is pro bono.

The Basics:

Dr. Johnson has been a consultant and contract executive for thirty years. His most recent executive assignment was as Chief Administrative Officer for Praxis Associates, a fiber optics engineering and construction company, where he built the Procurement, HR, and legal departments from scratch, oversaw the awarding of $40 million in contracts and the hiring of 70 engineers, managers, and administrators. Over the years Dr. Johnson has consulted in several industries (including the public sector), specializing in change management, organizational development, project management, statistical process control, and financial modeling, circumnavigating the globe six times in the process. He has served as an interim COO for two companies, including a garment manufacturer in Madagascar employing over 4,000 employees. His primary research interest is the relationship between leadership behavior and effort supply, a topic on which he has published several papers. He is currently writing a book on this topic.


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